As I have been practicing floral design, I am realizing more and more, it's hard to plan out exactly how each piece will turn out. I can plan the colors, the style, the vase, even a vision. But what I can't seem to plan for is how all the stems will look when put together.  They each bend in their own unique way. Each bloom displays different pigments. Each petal creases different than the next. No matter what techniques I try, there's only so much I can control. It's like I'm really at the whim of each stem and how they all fit together.

When I first started looking for a dog to adopt, I had a whole list of requirements of things I wanted in a pup. The most important was size. I wanted a big dog. BIG. A REAL dog, if you will. The time I had looking for a dog was quite complicated here in NYC (it's not an easy process here) and by the time Julep popped up at a shelter I was ready to just take almost any dog. But, she seemed perfect. They said she would grow up to be around 35-40lbs and was a Shepherd mix...very close to what I was going for. So, I took her home. At the time, I thought, ah, she's perfect and that's a good "city dog" size. Through the first couple months of having Julep though, it became abundantly clear that she was in fact a Chihuahua mix and would mayyyyybe break 15lbs when full grown....


It was hard not to be disappointed. In fact, it was just hard to not be in denial. I had done everything right, I thought! I searched for months for the right dog. I did all my research. How did I end up with a TINY, CHIHUAHUA mix of all things!? 

As it turns out, a year later, I think she's absolutely perfect and I never would trade her size for anything now. It definitely took awhile for me to swallow down that I was a "small dog owner" but, I love this small dog more than anything. In fact, I love that she never grew much and it's what's allowed her to be in LA with me these past weeks. 

It's something I've noticed more and more the older I get. You really can't plan for anything in life. Sure, you can do your homework. You can educate yourself to the best of your ability, Try to make wise decision. TIme things. Buy all the right flowers. Read all the books. But you can't plan for what life has in store. I can't plan for how my bunch of Anemones are going to bend and stand. I can't plan for when the poppies will fully open up in bloom. I couldn't plan on a certain size Julep would grow up to coming from a shelter.

We're all just doing the best we can. There's something beautiful about this part of life. For me, it's translated over into each flower design I create....even if it's not as I planned. There is something perfect about all of life's imperfections. Even a tiny Julep.