California Poppies

The biggest difference I've noticed so far, in my four days in California, is the abundance of nature. I've also found myself spending more hours outdoors rather than indoors. It's a nice change and I know Julep has been loving our daily hikes and trips to the beach. Our little house has a backyard where I can keep the door open and let Julep run in and out as she pleases. A couple times now, I'll notice I've not heard anything out of her for a little bit and I'll look out the window and she'll be sprawled out, basking in the sun. We're really soaking it up here. With the door open, I get this beautiful flood of natural light. I've loved being able to photograph with it and play with how it lights up these translucent poppy petals.

Poppies are long stemmed and delicate. I've watched all of these bloom right in my kitchen, shedding their outer skin with their crinkly petals bursting out.