I'm back in Brooklyn after spending a month in LA hiking and creating. I couldn't believe how easy it was for me to pick up and go spend a month focusing on being alone and daily creating photographs. It was definitely something my body was craving.

There is really one person to thank though, through out my time in LA, and it's Adam. His unwavering support through the past month was all the encouragement I needed to go and be alone to create for a bit. Not only that, but, he showed up at the end of my little sabbatical, took me outside under the California stars and got down on one knee. I'll spare the intimate details, but, it was perfect, and simple. There was champagne and little Julep was right next to us the whole time. For about 60 seconds, every emotion completely overwhelmed me as we sat underneath the stars hugging.


It was such a monumental moment, for both of us, to look each other square in the eye and make a conscious decision to commit as life partners. In all my life, this sort of commitment has always been a deep fear of mine. However, after one minute of being in my head and feeling speechless, it completely went away. It was just us. It was just Adam. And if there is anyone I'm going to adore for the rest of my life, it's going to be him. My fear almost immediately turned into an overwhelming sense of love and excitement.  I was on sensory overload, trying to burn in my mind every single detail around us so I'd never forget. The sounds, the feeling, the smell...all of it. We sat in the same position for almost the entire night, not wanting the moment to be over. 

We did finally move though...and since then, I've unpacked all my things and I'm back in Brooklyn. This time, it feels like I'm living with my new family however. A lot of people have asked me if it feels different being engaged and, not to sound cliche, but yeah, it does. It feels a lot different. It feels like I'm home.