91 Horatio

This past weekend, we did our last big flower job for awhile with the ever talented Vicky from Dinner Bandits. It was a small intimate wedding that took place in Meat Packing at 91 Horatio. Working with Vicky is always such a dream. She designs and executes the most dream-like spaces. It was her idea to create this gorgeous garland to hang asymmetrical as the focal point of the ceremony.

I used lemon leaves, Italian ruscus, and jasmine to give a wild garden look. I spaced out some Shimmer roses along with a couple Juliets and O'Hara roses.  Hanging it was not easy, but the outcome was definitely beautiful. We completed the ceremony with bunches of seeded eucalyptus and more Juliets to line the aisles. 


As center pieces on the tables, we went with a collection of different bud vases showcasing two to three stems each of lithsianthus, ranunculas, stock, jasmine, and wax flowers. 


As much as I have loved learning and getting to work with flowers the last year and half, as I work on my new mobile App, I've decided to focus my time on my freelance photography. I definitely plan to revisit flowering and it will always be something I love however, it's time for me to focus. I look forward to sharing more of my lifestyle photography over the next few weeks!