Candle Making & Hat Wearing

Friday night was my first night "out on the town" if you will. I met Sarah and we hopped from spot to spot in Venice beach until randomly stumbling upon someone's private 40th birthday party (so we gathered). The party had spilled out onto the side walk from some sort of garage/house (?) and we helped ourselves inside. It was as if we walked onto a movie set of what you think* Williamsburg Brooklyn looks like. The place was packed with caricatures of Hipsters (is that even possible?)....all trying so hard to out do the next. I counted- at least 85% of people, male and female, had on a random hat. You guys, it was wild. It was so wild, and so far from what actual "hipster" Williamsburg looks like (having lived there for the past 8 years), that Sarah and I concluded this most definitely had to be a costume party. There was no way any of these people were serious about their attire for the evening...

We enjoyed our free drinks and stood around in awe, judging the "costumes".  It was harmless judging since we knew no one there and oddly felt out of place, I mean, we weren't technically invited nor in costume. But it got me thinking about judging....and why we do it. My dad always tells me that the things we point out in others that bother us or we make fun of are usually a direct reflection of something we don't like deep down about ourselves. I thought about that a lot the next day. Maybe I am just jealous I can't pull off one of those ridiculous hats...or maybe I wish I was confident enough to even try?

I wasn't going to post that I had been making homemade soy candles. I felt like one of "those" people....the kind with so much time on their hands they can blog about making candles. And then I realized, wow, I'm judging myself. Post about the candles! Make the candles, guys! Wear the hat! Who cares! Do you. And don't let anyone make you feel weird about it.


How to make soy candles. Woop.

1. Melt some soy candle wax flakes, on medium heat, stirring occasionally with a wooden spoon. I used this pouring pot.

2. When the wax has completely melted and turned transparent, remove from the heat. Add in whatever scent you would like to use. I used geranium rose and lavender essential oils. I put in about 2 teaspoons, or until the smell was fragrant. NOTE: There are specific candle scents you can buy that are apparently more fragrant than using essential oils...but this is all I had around and I don't like my candles over powering.

3. Let the wax cool for about 25 minutes. In the meantime, add your wicks with clips (I used these) to your glass containers. 

4. Pour the wax into your containers, centering your wick. Trim the wicks to be level with the top of your container. Let your new cute candles set for at least 24 hours. 

Then, there you go. Your first homemade candle. 

How to wear a hat:

1. Put it on your head.

2. Be confident.